Jantina Talsma (1991). A professional freelance photographer / Art Director. Based in: The Netherlands but available worldwide.  

Jantina Talsma is a photographer based in The Netherlands and works internationally. Graduated from graphic design, she now works in photography and art-direction with 10 years experience behind her. 

She primarily focusses on portraiture related to fashion and the music industry. This has provided the opportunity to photograph both fashion and celebrity clients alike.

The nature of her work is raw and cinematic, with colourful creative portraits capturing motion. She is inspired by fashion designer brands and a wide range of music and creatively motivated to promote broaden target markets for her clients.
Clients include: ESTHRZ the Label, Schiphol, Eurosonic Noorderslag, SpikeTV, Biosilk, GH+O communicatie, CTM Entertainment, EXCITE, Welcome To The Village, YoungCapital, The Cool Quest, BLANKS.

What’s in it for you?

Your own photos and videos will help define your personality and your company’s identity.

An image database ensures consistency across all your platforms and your website. Good photos are therefore a must for a beautiful and professional whole of your branding.

Confidence boost.
By standing in front of the camera more and more often, you will find that it becomes easier and actually a lot of fun; you often feel a lot more self-confident after a shoot!

You will be able to use all the images on your social media, website and PR campaigns.

On set for SpikeTV – (Eerste Hulp Bij Tattoo Disasters)
Whether it’s a commercial, editorial, or artist collaboration let’s create something together! 

Check here my photoshoot packages and remember,
I can always create a personalised experience according to your wishes. 
✉️ jantinatalsma[at]gmail.com


MINI € 325,-

• Photoshoot 1,5 hours
• 15 edited high-resolution images
• 1 location

Package Standard


• Photoshoot 3 hours
• 25 edited + retouched high-resolution images
• styling advice
• 1/2 locations
• 1/2 outfits

Optional: Short video for Instagram Reel or Spotify Canvas. 



• Photoshoot 5 hours
• 50 edited + retouched high-resolution images
• 1 concept meeting
• 1/2 locations
• styling advice
• Multiple outfits

Optional: Short video for Instagram Reel or Spotify Canvas. 

*All prices are Excl. VAT and travel fee.

Let’s work together!